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Federal Overreach

Many aspects of our lives are being controlled by Federal Agencies such as the Departments of Education, Transportation, Environmental Protection, Parks and Recreation, etc.  But the US Constitution doesn't even allow them.  We have state agencies that serve the same function.  Why then do we allow the Federal Government to interfere? The quick answer is the money.  When states and towns accept federal grant money, there are ALWAYS strings attached.  We end up being controlled even more.  It's time for our State government to tell the Feds "Enough!"
Over the next several years, the Federal government is going to seek to acquire land to expand the Silvio Conte Wildlife Refuge...right here in New Hampshire.  Our state constitution limits how much land that can be owned by the federal government, outside of the White Mountains National Park.  As a state, we understand that taking such land off the tax rolls places a much bigger burden on the taxpayers who remain.  Once again, our voice in the state legislature must tell the Feds "No!"  I will be one of those voices.